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Give your child the best chance for a healthy life.

From putting up baby gates to purchasing the best car seats, parents do a lot to keep their babies healthy and safe. Of course, one of the best ways to keep your child healthy is to get them vaccinated. Read on to learn how the pediatricians here at Growing Together Pediatrics in Ocoee, FL, can protect your child with the help of immunizations.

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines work together with your child's natural defenses to help boost immunity to certain illnesses and diseases. Upon administration, vaccines introduce either a dead or weakened virus form into the body, triggering the body to produce antibodies, and thus strengthening the overall immune system.

Vaccines have eradicated or nearly eradicated diseases that decades ago led to disability, serious health complications, and even death in children and teens.

Do vaccines cause disease?

There is absolutely no way for your child to get a disease from vaccines; however, there is a slight chance that they could develop a very mild reaction from the administration. It’s important to note that even if this occurs, it’s always very mild and far less serious than if your child were to develop the actual disease.

When should my child get vaccinated?

Your child will get their first vaccines right after birth, usually when they are still in the hospital. Of course, trying to remember all the vaccines your little one will need can be nearly impossible. Fortunately, the CDC provides a recommended vaccine list. Tack this list up on your fridge so you know when it’s time to schedule your child’s next checkup.

What are the benefits of getting your child vaccinated?

The most obvious benefit is that you protect your little one from serious diseases. Of course, you also protect the community, too. Babies cannot get vaccinated against everything; therefore, they are more susceptible to certain diseases until they’ve been vaccinated.

By vaccinating young children, you can help to protect the elderly, children with compromised immune systems, and other susceptible groups that may not be able to get vaccinated.

Contact your Ocoee pediatricians today

Is it time to get your child vaccinated? Do you have questions about childhood vaccinations? If so, call Growing Together Pediatrics in Ocoee, FL, today at (407) 770-1414 to schedule a consultation with your pediatrician.

By Growing Together Pediatrics
October 24, 2019
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How a well child exam from your pediatricians in Ocoee and Orlando, FL, can protect your child

Did you know that well child exams are an essential component to protecting your child’s health? It’s true! That’s because the visit allows Pediatricianyour pediatrician to examine your child for any potential medical conditions, catching the issues before they can become serious medical problems.

Here at Growing Together Pediatrics, our pediatricians perform these examinations, and offer a wide range of children’s medical services, as well. With two convenient office locations in Ocoee and Orlando, FL, read on to learn we can help keep your child healthy!


More about Well Child Exams

Your child’s physical begins with a recording of vital information including temperature, heart sounds, breathing, pulse, height, weight, and other important information. This initial record-keeping then becomes a helpful baseline to compare with future appointments. In this way, your child’s pediatrician can make sure your child is on track to thrive and grow normally.

You will also be asked about any medical issues which have come up including recent illnesses, hospitalizations, injuries, or allergies. The pediatrician will also check your child’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat, along with eyesight and hearing.

The well child exam is also a perfect opportunity to catch up on immunizations, which are one of the most important tools to prevent serious illnesses. When your child is vaccinated, it protects your child, other family members, teachers, your child’s playmates, and YOU, from serious contagious diseases. Vaccines protect against the measles, mumps, meningitis, hepatitis, and other serious illnesses. Your child must also be current on immunizations in order to attend daycare or school.

The Centers for Disease Control, CDC, publishes a list of required immunizations from birth to age 18. To view or print this list, please click here:


Contact Us

A well child exam is a great way to both ensure good health for your child, as well as provide yourself with peace of mind. To learn more about well child exams, call the pediatricians at Growing Together Pediatrics, with offices in Ocoee and Orlando, FL. Both offices can be reached by dialing (407) 770-1414—call today!

By Growing Together Pediatrics
July 15, 2019
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Infant Baby SleepingJaundice is a common condition in newborns, caused by the excess yellow pigment in the blood called bilirubin, which is produced by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. When bilirubin is produced faster than a newborn’s liver can break it down, the baby’s skin and eyes will appear yellow in color.

In most cases, jaundice disappears without treatment and does not harm the baby. However, if the infant’s bilirubin levels get too high, jaundice can pose a risk of brain damage. It is for this reason that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all infants should be examined for jaundice within a few days of birth.

Is it Jaundice?

When parents leave the hospital with their newborn, they will want to look for signs of jaundice in the days following, as the condition usually appears around the second or third day of life. Most parents will be able to detect jaundice simply by looking at the baby’s skin under natural daylight. If you notice your newborn’s skin or eyes looking yellow, you should contact your pediatrician to see if jaundice is present.

Also, call your pediatrician immediately if your jaundiced newborn’s condition intensifies or spreads. The following symptoms may be warning signs of dangerously high levels of bilirubin that require prompt treatment.

  • Skin appears very yellow
  • The infant becomes hard to wake or fussy
  • Poor feeding
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Feverish

Treating Jaundice

While most infants with jaundice do not require treatment, in more moderate to severe cases treatment will be recommended. Some infants can be treated by phototherapy, a special light treatment that exposes the baby’s skin to get rid of the excess bilirubin. Infants who do not respond to phototherapy or who continue to have rising bilirubin levels may be treated with a blood transfusion.

Always talk to your pediatrician if you have questions about newborn jaundice. 

By Growing Together Pediatrics
July 08, 2019
Category: Pediatrics

Making sure your child remains healthy and happy is one of the most important undertakings of being a parent. Of course, we understand how big a task it can be to choose a pediatrician that can provide your little one with the care they need as they continue to grow. Wellness visits are a crucial part of your child’s health and here’s why.

While you can certainly monitor your child’s health and development, it’s important to have a team of expert pediatricians and medical professionals on your side who have received extensive and comprehensive medical training to detect certain health problems right away so your child can get the treatment they need as soon as possible.

A pediatrician is an important medical professional for both you and your child. When you bring your little one in for wellness checkups, it’s the best way to screen for certain disorders, make sure they are reaching their developmental milestones, that they are up-to-date on their vaccinations, and that their physical and mental health is in good shape. Vaccinations are particularly important for children, as this can protect their developing immune systems from serious and potentially life-threatening viruses.

During these visits, we will also take this time to provide you and your child with any additional support and counseling that may be necessary. For example, you may have questions about your child’s active lifestyle or about maintaining a healthy diet. These are some of the issues that a children’s doctor can easily address. After all, making sure your child is living a healthy lifestyle is important for their physical and mental wellbeing. If you have questions, it’s a good idea to prepare them before each good visit. No subject or question is silly so don’t be worried about bringing you or your child’s needs to our attention.

A pediatrician isn’t just a doctor who can provide your child with the comprehensive health care they need throughout their life but they can also provide educational and support whenever your child or your family needs it most. Don’t forget the importance of maintaining these good visits. If you aren’t sure how often your child should come in for routine care then don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician to find out. Your child’s health is our biggest priority.

Interested in School and Daycare Physicals from Growing Together Pediatrics?
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By Growing Together Pediatrics
June 12, 2019
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Does your child only visit the pediatrician if he or she is sick or injured? Well-child care exams play an important role in your child's health.immunization The exams, offered by the pediatricians at Growing Together Pediatrics in Ocoee and Orlando, FL, provide a simple way to identify health or development issues.

Why should my child have a well-child care exam?

Regular checkups aren't only important when your child is a baby. During yearly exams, your child's Ocoee or Orlando pediatrician may:

  • Offer Vision Screenings: Changes in vision can happen so gradually that your son or daughter may not even realize that there's a problem. Vision screenings, part of every well-child care exam, offer a simple way to identify vision issues. If your child can't see the eye chart clearly, his or her doctor will recommend visiting an eye doctor.
  • Provide Hearing Screenings: It's difficult to do well in school if you can't hear well. In some cases, hearing loss can be mistaken for behavioral issues. Kids who have hearing loss may have trouble following directions or may appear to be daydreaming. Periodic screenings help ensure that hearing loss is identified and treated promptly.
  • Identify Health and Developmental Issues: Some chronic diseases, such as diabetes, epilepsy, or asthma, may start in childhood. Signs and symptoms can be subtle at first and are easily overlooked or confused with minor illnesses. During well-child visits, your child's pediatricians will check for signs of these and other diseases. She'll also discuss developmental milestones and ask you to share any concerns you may have regarding your child's health and development.
  • Offer Immunizations: Your child's immunization record will also be reviewed during the checkup. If he or she needs a booster or has never received a particular vaccine or immunization, it will be provided during the visit. Immunizations for measles, whooping cough, chickenpox, meningitis, tetanus, mumps, diptheria, polio, hepatitis, and other diseases not only safeguard your child's health but also protect people who can't be immunized due to certain health conditions.

Is it time for your child's well-child care exam? Call the pediatricians at Growing Together Pediatrics in Ocoee and Orlando, FL, at (407) 770-1414 to schedule an appointment.

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